The Signature Garden’s Entrance

Model built by Jeff McHegg ~ The entrance to The Signature Garden

The theme of the 2011 Northwest Flower & Garden Show is “Once Upon A Time ~ Spectacular Gardens with Stories to Tell“.  The garden by d4collective will inspire the show attendees’ imagination with plenty to read.  The act of reading allows one to enter a portal through which the intellect and imagination can play.  The portal through which the show attendee will enter The Signature Garden is part pergola, part arbor and part pavilion.  A welcoming structure signaling a sense of arrival, it will help shift the experience from the public to the private.  The excitement and pandemonium swirling about the show gardens as a whole will be reduced to a singular and quiet stillness inside the enclosures of The Signature Garden.  One of the first to loan materials to d4collective to use in our garden was Theodora Michailides of Living Green Design Solutions.

'Lemon Drop' copper panels by Parasoleil

Six of these 3′ x 8′ perforated copper panels form a portion of the structure’s roof.  The primary design intent of this material is an overhead sunscreen casting comforting shade and pleasant shadows.  We are repeating the material in a privacy wall.  Theodora Michailides created Living Green Design Solutions to serve as a resource for the landscape, architectural and design professional, providing design materials which are hand crafted on the West Coast with recycled and green eco-friendly materials, Water conservation products which provide solutions for large and small scale rain water storage and affordable grey-water systems, Eco-friendly moisture sealants, Bamboo Decking and LED landscape lighting. She recently started organizing educational events geared towards sustainable practices in the landscape and Innovative technology to help the design professional create livable and sustainable landscapes. The first event will be held February 7 & 8, 2011 in San Diego California.;


About d4collective

The team of four fantastic garden designers in Seattle, WA includes Octavia Chambliss, Susie Thompson, Barbara Lycett and Daniel Lowery
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  1. I stood and gazed at the poetry until it had completed its cycle. How lovely. Might I see again the chosen lines?

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