Three Thousand and Counting

Over 3000 individual plants will flourish in the 1600 s.f. Signature Garden, designed by d4collective, at the 2011 Northwest Flower & Garden Show.  Counting seventy species, calm masses of plants [one gallon size and larger] will soothe the eye of our viewers while inducing “Flower Show REM”.   Random Eye Movement?  That sounds like dream-talk and that’s our wish for the show attendee:  Be fully inspired to move towards developing your own dream garden.

In addition to 1800 woody and herbaceous plants, nearly a thousand forced bulbs of several species will supply the pre-spring adrenaline most garden people crave in mid-winter.  Groundcover plants in 4-inch pots will add another 1200 to the count.

Wow, that is alot of plants!


About d4collective

The team of four fantastic garden designers in Seattle, WA includes Octavia Chambliss, Susie Thompson, Barbara Lycett and Daniel Lowery
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One Response to Three Thousand and Counting

  1. janee says:

    Love all your wonderful art and can’t wait to see you and d4 collective signature garden. I am sending your website to serveral friends. I will cc you.

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