Lake Washington Technical College

Each year, a highlight for students and alumni of the Environmental Horticulture Program at Lake Washington Technical College [LWTC], is helping build the gardens for the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.  The program allows students to nurture and care for plants in their greenhouses to be used in show gardens.  Most importantly, the program allows for countless hours of labor to assist in building the gardens.

Daniel Lowery briefing the Horticulture class at LWTC on The Signature Garden

Daniel Lowery, part of d4collective, gave a presentation to entice the students to help build The Garden in Verse which is The Signature Garden for this year’s Northwest Flower & Garden Show.  Sammi Black, a student in the classroom took photos for this blog post.  Below she captured the feeling of the ethereal, dream-like state that d4collective wishes for all of the show attendees to experience.

d4collective Show Garden "atmosphere" caught on film

The Environmental Horticulture program is oriented towards a technical education so classes include a significant hands-on component.  They also have a facebook page “Horticulture at Lake Washington Technical College” and a blog for people to follow for more information.

LWTC Horticulture students getting pumped up for the NWF&G Show.


About d4collective

The team of four fantastic garden designers in Seattle, WA includes Octavia Chambliss, Susie Thompson, Barbara Lycett and Daniel Lowery
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