Flock Arrival

A pesticide-free environment in your garden enables bird communities to thrive.  Happy and healthy birds return each year to gardens that support and nurture them.  Spring is the time to re-commit to healthy and safe practices in garden building and garden maintenance.

Ibis sculpture from 'Caprifolium'

Lene Sangster and Julia Waldeck, also known as ‘Caprifolium’, created a flock of Ibis.  They along with McGilvra Art Teacher, Rebecca Pleasure, guided the creation of a flock of songbirds made by the 4th grade class at McGilvra Elementary School.  These birds will migrate through the grounds of the 2011 Northwest Flower & Garden Show and hopefully settle down in d4collective’s garden, “The Garden in Verse”.

Is this the bride?

As a young child, upon seeing a flock of birds in the sky, I believed they were all going to a wedding. The first two birds in the lead were the bride and groom.  There has been talk of a wedding in our garden as it would be such a perfect and romantic place.  Hmmmn…..

d4collective designers greet the flock that arrived last night during our weekly Monday night meeting, which was the 28th Monday night meeting since we started as a collective!

The songbirds, of which there are 43, will do their best to create an environment of equality for the newest member of the flock:  the flying pig named ‘Eli’.  The un-official mascot of the garden and part of the children’s “Treasure Hunt” will be brave enough to show himself at the Preview Party on February 22, 2011.  Please attend his coming-of-age party and show Eli your support!


About d4collective

The team of four fantastic garden designers in Seattle, WA includes Octavia Chambliss, Susie Thompson, Barbara Lycett and Daniel Lowery
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2 Responses to Flock Arrival

  1. Wonderful idea – did you say kids from a 4th grade class made these creations? I have a dream from my childhood that has stayed with me all these years – it was a flock of blue birds (there are none where I grew up) and they were in a wedding – the bride and groom leading the way for all the others. I can hardly wait for the unveiling of the show to see how all of these ties together!

  2. I can’t wait to see the the un-official mascot, the Song Birds. 🙂 Birds are a great part of any garden.

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