The Afterglow

The 2011 Northwest Flower & Garden Show is just barely a week into history yet it’s positive energy is still evident.  Gratitude surrounds nearly every thought and memory of the experience.  “Thank You Notes” will be the focus of this blog for a few weeks.

Entering "The Garden In Verse"

The success of the 1st Annual ‘Signature Garden’ entitled “The Garden In Verse” was easily measured by the response of the show attendees.  Their comments upon exiting the garden echoed our intentions.  The words:  ethereal, peaceful, calm, quiet, and sanctuary, were in our written brief and the most often heard compliments.  Thank you for absorbing and feeling what we wanted you to experience!

under the arbor...begins the peaceful embrace of "The Garden In Verse"

From d4collective, [Octavia Chambliss, Barbara Lycett, Susie Thompson and Daniel Lowery] we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the chance to reveal our garden design talents and share them with you.


About d4collective

The team of four fantastic garden designers in Seattle, WA includes Octavia Chambliss, Susie Thompson, Barbara Lycett and Daniel Lowery
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